Investors Abandon Western Europe, Head to… Iraq?
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  • the wolf

    Dear France, take a look at Detroit. That is your future on this path.

  • In future, NO good news about Iraq if you PLEASE. Remember, we’re Americans: we don’t DO nation-building – much less nation-cultivating. We do business, and we do clean, straight-up, shoot-’em-up war. Just like in our movies (by god). Oh, I forgot – and we also do something very elegantly called offshore balancing, which translated into plain American means keep the [no-goodniks] shooting EACH OTHER up for as long as possible (if you have any doubts about its efficacy, note the splendid harvest reaped from the Iran-Iraq War). So even OB is ultimately a question of war by proxies. And what is War – in today’s enlightened US parlance anyway – if not a continuation of Business by other means?

    Business. War. OB. Period. End of story.

    In fact, if I had any talent for fiction I’d be writing a play about it. Why, the title alone might make it worth the effort:

    “No Nuance Please, We’re Americans.”

  • hitnrun

    Among Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Iraq, which is the most likely to remain continuously fiscally solvent in its current state for the 10 years, i.e. bonds purchased now will be repaid in full?

    If the answer is *not* Iraq, you would need to explain why, and concede at least that it’s a near thing.

  • Funny you should mention Detroit wolf. Take a look at these pictures comparing Hiroshima and Detroit.
    To my mind it compares hard working people to a bunch of lazy you owe me people.

  • teapartydoc

    The Blue Model isn’t working out too well in Europe, either.

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