The Virtual Game of Thrones
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  • Anthony

    Cyber conflict WRM presumes literacy (both numeric and written) and infers importance of a Nation’s human capital; protection (information and infrastructure security) begins with enabling U.S. citizens at the elementary school level with fundamental skills – thereby creating talent pool from which to utilize against 21st century cyber conflicts.

  • Meanwhile, Chinese Authorities extend censorship, step up reprisals against dissidents:

    “Reporters Without Borders calls for an international reaction to the all-out censorship of information in China that includes website blocking, prior censorship of social networks and the dismissal of journalists who cover sensitive stories. The government is stepping up efforts to silence criticism and independent reporting, taking advantage of widespread indifference in the international community . . .”

    That last clause caught my attention. We really are complicit with what is going on in China — as long as we do business with that regime with no strings attached. Shame on my country!

  • Another story:

    “China Increasingly Repressive, Freedom House 2012 Report Finds”

    “China is becoming increasingly repressive in civil and political life amidst aggressive crackdowns and disappearances, a democracy and human rights advocacy group said Thursday.

    In an annual report entitled “The Worst of the Worst: The World’s Most Repressive Societies,” Washington-based Freedom House listed China, Burma, Laos, and North Korea among the world’s worst-rated countries for political rights and civil liberties.”

    I’m going to try to prick WRM’s conscience until he starts paying more attention to the domestic situation inside China. Ultimately — and it may not be long — what is going on inside the country will effect us more than the “Game of Thrones” he likes to write about.

    It’s the Throne of the Yellow Emperor that really matters. Immense events are happening right now.

  • A little more detail:

    Where is Hillary? Obama? Do we have leaders on this day after the 4th of July?

  • Caving in to barbarism for the almight buck, even in Denmark:

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