Pakistan: At Least the Generals Can Keep the Lights on
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  • “the world’s least stable and most troubled nuclear state.”

    Do you really think Pakistan has nuclear weapons? I ask this because Israel doesn’t seem worried and because Pakistan’s official demonstration looked like dynamite (with peasants). Of course when India set off their nuke the Pakistani public demanded that they have one too, whether or not they could afford to develop one or even had the technical capacity was a different question.

    In these circumstances it was in everyone’s interest (China, India, Israel, the U.S., and the Pakistani elite itself) to make it look like Pakistan had an A-bomb instead of actually having one. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    P.S. Another thing that made me suspicious: all the media reports afterwards detailing how Pakistan had secretly developed the bomb with the cooperation of German and Canadian companies, the mastermind, etc. As if Israeli intelligence could be caught so flatfooted. The truth is that elaborate media “story” is just the sort of thing the CIA is expert at concocting. This would all be top secret of course — way more classified than those WikiLeak intercepts.

    At a certain point it is more important for the world (and the American public) to know that Pakistan is not a nuclear threat than it is for the Pakistani public to think that it is. Knowledge is good.

  • Here’s a link to that Pakistani bomb:

  • Raymond R

    Maybe they can make the trains run on time too

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