The Market for Body Parts Spreads in Europe
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  • Gary

    Robin Cook’s book Coma (later a film) anticipated this. I think he wrote the book in the early 1980s. Now it’s actually happening. Ugh.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “there is little interest around the world in helping those trapped in these failing states.”

    A people get the Government they deserve, so why should other peoples feel they need to do something to help those in failing states? Is it even possible to help them, without invading and taking control of the failed state? Look at how successful America has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for an example of the limited power of even the most powerful Country to affect the culture of a nation even with an invasion. So how much help can any nation really give to these failed states, when they have no power to affect anything?

    There are many backward cultures in the world, and even with the example of American Culture to lead them, the evolution of those cultures will be glacially slow. All the more advanced cultures can do is cheer them on, and congratulate them when they get it right.

  • Maid Abusing Socialist

    Makes you wonder why the Mexican drug cartels don’t add this to their criminal portfolio. If you’re taking the time to decapitate and dismember any and all, it seems a logical next step…

  • Corlyss

    With AIDS still stalking the crossroads of poverty and overpopulation, don’t think I’ll be trolling those organ marts anytime soon.

  • “Sci-fi author Larry Niven writes about the crime of “organlegging,” where people in the future will kill others in order to harvest their organs.”

    Been happening in China for a long time. Google Falun Gang and organ harvesting.

  • It should also be pointed out that, in Niven’s stories, capital punishment extended down to moderately serious traffic offenses and all of the condemned went into the organ banks. An interesting twist on universal health care…

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