Hot Religion Update: Kashmir Tense After Muslim Shrine Burned
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  • WigWag

    “Kashmir is the world’s only territory that is actively disputed between two nuclear powers.” (Via Meadia)

    Then there’s Korea. North Korea is a nuclear power (just barely) and the United States which is certainly a nuclear power has 50,000 troops stationed in the South on the border between the two Koreas.

  • WigWag
  • “At least one radical, Saudi-financed and Pakistani-supported missionary has been trying to whip up sectarian hatreds.”

    Heavens no! Say it ain’t so! NOT those God-fearing, America-embracing, Russia-hating, STALWARTLY anti-Communist (save when it comes to the Chinese) Saudis! Indeed, given all the above attributes, shouldn’t THEY at least be a force for sanity and moderation in the region? A voice of reason and modernity? But wait a minute, maybe (in a convoluted sort of way) they already are an influence for a KIND of reason, and a spearhead for a KIND of modernity. Let me keep reading . . .

    “Then last weekend, a 200-year old Muslim shrine was burned to the ground, prompting three days of civil disobedience, strikes, and a heavy police presence in Kashmir’s capital, Srinagar.”

    Hmmmmmm . . . so do you think the shrine might have spared had it been, say, 1000 years old? Or 2000? Or is that rather precisely the issue – the iconoclast’s loathing of any mere “irrational” conservative or traditionalist reverence for the old? Or even a sort of anti-Burkean outrage at any habit of presumption in favor of ancient things merely because they have antiquity on their side? The result being a paradoxically hyper-rational, hypermodern intolerance of anything in the landscape that smacks of aesthetic or architectural “heritage” (“The very seeds of IDOLATRY!”).

    Observe, then, how neatly the anti-heritage Wahhabi-Salafi-Deobandi mindset may end up dovetailing with global corporate agendas for radical metropolitan renewal and development. Indeed I’d be surprised if radical Islamism could not be found to have any number of uses for the equally radical (and, for reasons of his own, no less iconoclastic) corporate globalist.

    OTOH, who’d have guessed that the raw ingredients of a global ANTI-preservation lobby might be among them?

  • Kris

    “I have tentative plans to visit Kashmir later this year”

    Kashmir?! Who’d you think you are, Michael Totten? 🙂

    Q: Other shrines in Kashmir have been lost to fire as a result of clashes between the army and militants. Why has this fire had so great an impact on the people of Srinagar?

    Saleem Beg, head of the Jammu and Kashmir Chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Heritage: People are more worked up about this because they can’t attribute it to anything.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Yet another argument for blowing up the Pakistani military’s weapons.

    Time to lance the boil.

  • This article: At least one radical, Saudi-financed and Pakistani-supported missionary has been trying to whip up sectarian hatreds.
    Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir: Some tourists, mostly foreigners, are seen wandering in short mini-skirts and other objectionable dresses openly which is against local ethos and culture.

    This is not acceptable to civil society at all.
    Zahid Ali, Jamaat-e-Islami J&K: Jamaat-e-Islami J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) cautions people against the well designed vicious plans of the anti-Islamic forces who are working here tirelessly to deviate the Kashmiri Muslims from their religious ethos which are indispensable for their identity.

    Mirwaiz Moulvi Umar Farooq, Chairman moderate All Parties Hurriyat Conference: Israel is an open enemy of the Muslim world and Palestinians and government efforts to encourage the tourists from the Jewish state were intriguing and a matter of deep concern.

    The repeated efforts of the government to woo tourists from Israel smacked of a well-planned conspiracy. The government should explain the reasons behind its repeated efforts to lure the Israeli tourists to the Muslim majority in Kashmir.

    Reaping Israeli Fruit on Indian Soil

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