They Hate Us, They Really Hate Us!
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  • Kris

    “For Islamabad, our decade-long war in Afghanistan has been a sideshow; that entire country is mere strategic depth for the longer, definitive struggle with India.”

    If I were a rational Pakistani leader, I might think as follows: Those Yanks are mighty displeased at Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Let us offer them our full and unstinting cooperation in their fight, in exchange for their exclusive (of India) support. If we don’t do the first, then it is remotely possible that the Sole Superpower might not be fully inclined to respect our wishes for the second.

    But then if I were a rational and civic-minded Pakistani leader, I’d be dead.

    “the US really isn’t interested in promoting some kind of Indian conquest of Pakistan.”

    Care to poll your readership? 🙂

  • Walter Sobchak

    When are we going to get it through our thick skulls, Pakistan is our enemy. It has been waging war against us for years. Osama bin Laden was housed in Abbotobad by the Pakistanis because he was their employee. The Taliban are organized, equipped, and commanded by the Pakistani military establishment.

    The US owes it to the world to blow-up all the military equipment that we have given to the Pakistanis* lest they use it to start unjust wars and kill innocents — and there can be no doubt that they will. Thereafter, if India wants to kill, cook and eat the Pakistanis, it is no skin off our back.

    *Sadly we will have to wait until we get our hostages out of Afghanistan.

  • The most important source of this hatred is America’s support for Pakistan’s old nemesis: India. The rest is all salt in the wound.

    And that ‘support’ consists of what? Does the Pakistani populace expect the rest of the world to forego ordinary diplomatic and trade relations with India due to Pakistan’s political upsets? The upshot of your argument is that Pakistan is populated with narcissistic twits.

  • lee

    You are a terrorist , imperialist . Not only 100% pakistani, but also whole world hate you . Your pew shows wrong data as it is trick .

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