Illinois Skeptic Realizes Pension Crisis Is Real
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  • Anthony

    The pension meltdown across the country is both a scandal and social disaster…in lieu of social security….

  • thibaud

    Very quiet at VM today. Bad day at Jacksonian Black Rock, apparently.

    Most likely, the TPers are scrambling to assemble their talking points, now that their Operation Barbarossa – ie pretend to want a mandate, then go 180 degrees in the other direction and mount a full-scale assault on that same, GOP-approved mandate – has met its Stalingrad. Oops.

    Alternatively, perhaps is there actually some reconsideration going on now at VM.

    Perhaps there’s a revisiting of the vapid memes about big gum’mint – esp as regards VM’s defense of that mother of all bureaucratic kludges, aka the US healthcare non-system?

    Perhaps some of the VM prescriptions against red tape, administrative bloat, outrageous inefficiencies, opaque and capricious – not to mention casually cruel – processes might actually be directed at our joke of a healthcare kludge?

    Perhaps VM will actually move the debate forward with a serious proposal for replacing our absurd non-system swiftly – and affordably, with adequate funding via sweeping tax reform that severs the link between employment and insurance – with a simple, straightforward, vastly more efficient, less expensive, and more effective model.

    Aka the public option supplemented by optional private insurance purchasable across state lines.

  • An

    VM needs to stop stating that the union workers are being lied to. They know very well what they are doing. Whatever happens to their pension is entirely their own doing. Responsibility lies hand in hand with freedom.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @An: Actually, most people who belong to unions don’t know much about what is going on. In many states workers are forced into unions with no choice in the matter; these workers in particular often don’t have a lot of interest. And in any case the union leaders are careful to control the messages that go out.

  • LarryReiser

    Every government worker should be free to choose whether or not they want to join a union.Further governments should be forbidden from taking dues from government employes paychecks for the benefit of the union.

  • BBFS


    2/3 of government unions vote Democrat. 95% of the money goes to Democrats. They have a choice. Either way we have to bail out these pension funds, best do it through the Pension Guarantee Corporation (which is underfunded too) as it’s the least cost to the consumer.

  • Gene

    Wait a minute. Ingram is director of the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois, and ONLY NOW he’s started to look at the numbers more closely? Isn’t that gross incompetence? Why, again, does he still have a job?

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