What’s in a Name? Asia Policy “Pivots” to Rebalancing
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  • thibaud

    An informative and helpful post – thanks for the link.

    “Rebalancing” appears to be a polite way of saying that our old alliance partners and bases in the North Atlantic and North Pacific will be less and less important to US strategy.

  • An

    The transfer of naval assets to the Pacific has been going on a lot longer than the current announcements by the Obama administration. Back in 2006, the Navy announced the transfer of SSNs (Nuclear Attack Submarines) from the Atlantic fleet to the Pacific fleet to the current 60/40 Pacific/Atlantic split. This was made public but done quietly.

  • Anthony

    “…but much more important to communicate a clear vision of what US policy in the Pacific does and doesn’t entail.” Has the above been elucidated or are terms rebalancing and pivot useful words masking strategies contemplated vis-a-vis China’s regional rise.

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