Egypt’s Counterrevolution Creeps Forward
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  • LarryReiser

    So much for the Arab Spring,we have powerful military and an Islamist President in Egypt a proto civil war in Syria chaos in LIBYA and a confused American FOREIGN POLICY.

  • Cunctator

    This article’s conclusion is very wishful thinking. The future is far more bleak. The Egyptian Army is a conscript force. That means that it draws the vast majority of its personnel from the same mass of people who just voted for an Islamist president. As the example of Turkey demonstrates, the Islamists will quickly come to control the streets: the officers corps cannot hope to confront that power through any demonstration of military force that requires a confrontation with the “people”. The ordinary soldier cannot be trusted to shoot his “brothers” or “fathers” in an effort to assert military rule. Therefore, the Egyptian military will slowly discover, perhaps in a couple of years if not sooner, that they have been outflanked by the Muslim Brotherhood. By then, it will probably be too late to take any remedial action.

    Jimmy Carter lost Iran by refusing to support the Shah, and we have had to deal with the consequences for the past 30 years. Obama lost Egypt by refusing to back Mubarak’s regime. In tossing an old ally to the Islamist “wolves” we will now have to confront many more years of upset and instability (and maybe worse) in the MidEast. The Obama-Clinton foreign policy has, quite simply, proven to be a disaster for US and Western interests in that highly volatile region.

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