The End of Civilization?
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  • Jim.

    Tut, tut.

    That’s just what happens when humanity ignores its chance to expand beyond the cradle and settle Alpha Centauri. What can one do for such shortsighted people?

  • Corlyss

    “It isn’t a particularly rigorous simulation of how the world works, but then again, what model truly is?”

    A simple scientific truth that should be recalled every time one of the climate crackpots issues a new report full of dire predictions about imminent doom based on “climate change.”

  • Paladin

    They probably chose not to go to Alpha Centauri because they heard that the “good” ending there was to be merged into a hive-mind controlled by their Glorious Leader and the Planet’s Gaia.

  • stan

    Lorenz wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Russ

    1. CivII ceases to have meaningful innovations. THAT is a very valid simulation…a Malthusian future becomes plausible in the absence of said innovations.

    2. I’ll hopefully be toasting the health of stately Mead Manor from my very own orbital “hab,” blissfully unconcerned about terran politics.

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