Egypt Revolution Ends in Quiet Despair
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  • Anthony

    “…too tired, too cynical, too hungry and too divided to resist” as well as governing arrangement since 1952 for all intents and purposes capsulize Egypt Revolution Ends in Quiet Despair.

  • Bart Hall (Kansas, USA)

    My familiarity is primarily with Latin America, and although I speak enough Arabic to be polite, the southern Arabs (Saudis, Egyptians, Yemenis, Sudanese, etc) have always confused me because they’re generally so uneducated and crude. The Maghreb and places like Lebanon and Iraq are a different world.

    That said, for many decades in South America people almost looked forward to a military coup on account of two factors — first, the military were usually the only folks with some basic love of country and (more importantly) the organisational ability actually to get something done … and second, they were usually overthrowing a bunch of ideological crazies whose militant incompetence was going to send the whole country down the [toilet].

    It seems to me, from afar, that an army coup in Egypt is the best possible outcome. We, and the Egyptians, can work with them, and they might actually stabilise things enough to get the tourists back.

    My old Egyptian statistics prof, Fanous, would probably approve. My former Iraqi lab-mates most definitively would do.

  • Rand Millar

    The English worked out the proper place for the military during the course of the 17th century. Congenial northern European societies readily adopted the same. Castilian culture developed in centuries of war against adherents of Muhammad was left with the same hierarchy of attitudes and institutions as their traditional foes to the south and quite different from those of the “heretics” far to the north. That Castilian culture has been the dominant force in societies south of the USA and so the place of their militaries in national life resembles that of Egypt, Pakistan etc.

  • Jim.

    Wait, wait, no, everyone likes looking at sexy American people, so our culture and will be ascendant over everything! Those who support it are unstoppable! Russians are crazy for thinking that any of that is organized, but they have a point when they say that it is inevitable, and no organization or alternative will ever appeal to anyone.

    The Liberal lowest common denominator is overwhelming and inevitable, so this article is obviously wrong.

  • Kris

    “Egyptians are too tired, too cynical, too hungry and too divided to resist.”

    Too old, too tired, too [gosh darn] blind.

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