French Bark About Syria: No Sign of Bite
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  • Kansas Scott

    I know it’s not your main point but why do you note the poll results with the far right removed? Your post is what the French think not what a subset thinks. The far right may be odd and unpleasant but they are obviously still French. If the fact that the left and center are more supportive of intervention is news, then that should be explained.

    It seems a bit like reporting an election poll about where Americans stand on the upcoming election and saying 51 percent support the president but then noting that if you take Republicans out of the poll, the president’s numbers go way up.

  • Kris

    8% of the French support a purely Yankee military intervention in Syria.

    [email protected]: Indeed, though to be fair to VM, that’s the breakdown provided at the link: Front National, Right, Left. (As an aside, if we are going to have a “far right”, better an isolationist one.)

  • anthony

    It is not our war. We should all stay out.

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