The Winner of the Egyptian Primaries Is: Inertia
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  • Dimitry

    I am not entirely clear who was the supposed “liberal” candidate. The other candidates that garthered significant number of votes were:
    1. A Muslim Brotherhood split-off, who was supported by the salafists. Arguably he was slightly better than Morsi, but he is hardly a “liberal”.
    2. A neo-Nasserite. Now, that’s a liber choice if you ever saw one (sarcasm).
    3. Amr Mussa. He might have been the least bad of the bunch, but he is no liberal. Anti-American, Anti-Israeli demagouge is more like it.

    So, which of these can be considered a liberal? All choices were bad and worse. This was not really surprising though to anybody with any knowledge.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Cultures evolve at glacial speeds, and Islamic Cultures are exceptionally slow and resistant to progress. What is clear is that the Egyptian liberals have never been stronger than they are now, and they will continue to grow stronger as time passes and the Military and Muslims fail as they always do.

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