Game of Thrones: China Cozies Up to Pakistan
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  • Mrs. Davis

    We should be getting out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible so that these two, who so richly deserve each other, can fully embrace to their mutual dissatisfaction.

  • Kris

    “For its part, China—never the most popular kid in school—could do with more friends in the neighborhood. The only reliable ally it can currently count on is North Korea, so the opportunity to draw Pakistan closer to its orbit is one that China doesn’t want to flub.”

    Is there a Chinese equivalent of the expression “With friends like these…”?

    “As Pakistan is about to find out, that is not how China does business.”

    It would take a heart of stone not to chuckle in anticipation.

    (By the way, I am starting to have the same reaction to “Game of Thrones” as you do to “pivot”.)

  • Rand Millar

    Allegedly in late 1943 there was this exchange between German and American trenches in Italy: German – “so how do you like your new Italian allies?” American – “[Heck], you can have them back!”

  • Anthony

    WRM, structural imperatives of the international system (as well as China’s potential regional hegemony) implied the Pakistan and China tete-a-tete. Certainly, no foreign policy gurus have been surprised – though Pakistan may learn first hand how China engages.

  • “the Chinese foreign minister threw his country’s weight behind Pakistan’s efforts to safeguard its sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and dignity.”

    Better them than us.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    How worried should we really be with this axis of losers? China, North Korea, Pakistan vs. America, and basically everyone else in Asia in the US camp. If the Obama Administration wasn’t so incompetent this wouldn’t even be considered a challenging Game.

  • Brendan Doran

    ” Pakistan is feeling incredibly lonely and vulnerable: in its eyes, it has been betrayed by the U.S., a country to which it has always been a true ally.”

    You’re probably right. Prison is full of people like Pakistan. They should still hang.

  • Our response should be something like this:

    “No, No, please China! Don’t take our friend Pakistan away from us! Please!”

    “Please Pakistan, don’t run into the arms of China…”

    Heh heh heh…

    The sooner we leave that part of the world, the better.

  • Jim.

    Do Pakistanis honestly believe they’ve “always been a true friend to the US”, when they sheltered bin Laden for years? Seriously?


    Since its inception Pakistan has had a relationship with China. Secretary Kissinger used that connection to pave the way for President Nixon’s visit. Pakistan’s relationship to the United States has been mixed. It allowed U-2s to launch Soviet overflights from air bases there, but its cities have a long history of anti-American riots.

  • 9 to 0 against!

  • [OT but I will post here anyway for those who are interested in learning more about China]

    “In a power struggle, any means possible—any low-handed means—will be used, and the objective is to seize power,” said Chen, a former Politburo member, about his fall from power.”

    I’ve been reading a book, “Factory Girls, about the 150 million rural migrants who man China’s export sector. These are fascinating tales, you can’t help feeling love for these girls, but some things are staggeringly surprising, namely, the accepted role and necessity of lying to get ahead. A Chinese self-help best seller, “The Round and the Square,” is the Bible for this approach. I don’t think it is in English yet (if ever), but here is a link to a book on Chinese “characteristics” written by an American missionary in China a century ago based on 50 years of personal experience. I especially recommend the chapters on “mutural suspicion,” “insincerity,” and the final chapter on reform. The early chapters are interesting too. This book comes recommended by my favotire Chinese author, Lu Xun, the Chekhov of China.

    I also recommend Country Driving

    You end up loving the Chinese people individually, 70% of them, but hating their culture. At least I did.

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