Meet Robert Mugabe, the New Friendly Face of the United Nations
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  • Walter Sobchak

    Yet another reason, if any more were really needed, to send the UN away and covert its buildings into condos.

  • Lyle Smith

    I like that the UN embodies the incompetency of our anarchic world of nation states. Makes me thankful I’m American.

    Oh, our poor brothers and sisters around the world. I pray for thee.

  • Kenny

    The U.N. should be disbanded or at the very least have its odious presence moved out of America — preferably to Africa.

  • Richard Treitel

    I wonder if those UN delegates have a keener sense of humour than most political commentators. They could be quietly suggesting that Mugabe himself ought to take a holiday. A nice, long one.

  • Corlyss

    Maybe it’s their sly way of getting Mugabe out of the country.

  • Philani.

    kumbi muchemwa u’re disgracer in zimbabwe and Africa if thy is no human rights why are u in zim why are u tlkng nonsence evrytime u’re n idiot where did u c mugabe killing pipo yo stuped part wil never rule zimbabwe idiot i’m 23yrs old i never vote 4 n part in zim bt i knw zanu pf shal rule til Jesus come coz of yo hurt towards mugabe u goin 2 remain a stuped LONG LIVE MR MUGABE.

  • I witnessed a fair amount of Mugabe’s ruin of Zimbabwe and can only hang my head in shame at the level to which the UN has sunk.

  • Joe Peanut

    This is not true. The UN sent Mugabe a letter suggesting him to try to promote tourism in Zimbabwe as a means of improving their economy. That is quite a stretch from appointing him as “International Envoy for Tourism”.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: “zanu pf shal rule til Jesus come”

    At which point the rocks shall cry out.

  • Knowledge

    Congratulations our only and real FATHER Cde R.G.Mugabe for being the lnternational Envoy of Tourism,pliz show the Westeners that u are a leader from Jehova.

  • Kris

    Yes, thank you Oh Father Mugabe for such excellent fruit!

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