China Declares War on Puns
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  • Walter Sobchak

    They are going to PUNish people by sending them to the PUNitentiary.

  • Mrs. Davis

    This may seem like a dumb question, but how many bits are there in a Twitter character?

  • Harry Allan

    This “point system” looks familiar. Shouldn’t the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles claim theft of intellectual property?

  • Corlyss

    Tyrants universally lack an appreciation of irony.

  • Time for allegories.

    Allegory. From Greek allos meaning “other” and agora meaning gathering place (especially the marketplace). In times past, it was common to do one’s chatting at the marketplace. Some of the topics discussed were clandestine in nature and when people spoke about them, for fear of being punished, they would speak indirectly. That is to say, they would speak about one thing in such a way as to intimate the actual information to the listener. Thus, the persons discussing clandestine matters were said to be speaking of “other things” in the marketplace. Eventually the words joined and became associated with the act of speaking about one thing while meaning another.

  • FWIW I think the Adam and Eve story was an allegory at first.

  • gracepmc

    Not to be outdone, although not of the level of Chinese scrutiny, our very own DHS has analysts checking for “bad words”. See If you go to the document it is interesting to note that there are formatting directions as well detailing when to bold and when to double space.

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