Bloomberg Sings The Pension Blues
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  • vanderleun

    Who will be thrown? Sort of depends on how many blue boomers there are in the state and what sort of dole they’re on. Blue boomers always vote their interest.

  • Anthony

    The truly regrettable and unfortunate aspect: municipal services may be cut, taxes/fees will increase, and benefits may be slashed (for average pensioners); perhaps at one level WRM, we may be witnessing the reality (consequence) of hack/clientele governance – one of many big deceptions.

  • Dr Mead, the answer to your closing question is easy. Only 3 Blue States have a Total Fertility Rate over 2.1 (replacement): NV, NM, HI. Progressives do not believe in the future enough to have children. Basically their entitlement demands of today are demands to live off other peoples’ children, as they are not populating the future from which their demanded money flows.

    With this in mind – that Blues have no children – go back and re-ask your final question & tell us the answer. You wont get the answer you seem to expect

  • Kenny

    Those in the public sector are NEVER satisfied.

    They are like hogs at a trough at feeding time, and if you have even been on a farm, you know what I mean. For them, it’s never enough.

  • Eurydice

    Well, it seem this is an issue that should be discussed in conjunction with your concern about corporate corruption. As you say, lies on this large a scale would be called fraud in the private sector, but even though the damage is much than anything Madoff could have dreamt, there are no penalties for political “miscalculation.” At the end of the day I suppose one could say the voters should be punished for demanding and voting for those lies. So maybe what we need is not more ethics courses but courses on how government actually works.

  • Eurydice

    Ack! Much *more* than anything…(still wishing for an edit key).

  • Jim.

    @Alex Scipio-

    Any means testing of Social Security should only apply to those without children.

  • thibaud

    “Listen up, blues” “The mother of all wedge issues…”

    Love that swaggering, snarling punk attitude. As if the root cause of the problem – greater longevity due to improved medical technology and increased access to health care thanks in part to government subsidies such as medicare in the US – were somehow the wickedness and nastiness of the author’s ideological bugbears.

    Again, a simple fact: the “blue” countries such as Holland and Canada have far better managed, and more solvent, pension plans than are found in “red” America. Holland’s solvency ratios are far higher than America’s.

    There is no reason that honest, professional pension management cannot co-exist with a interventionist state that provides significant and generous social benefits including universal health insurance.

    Some gentle advice: less swaggering parochialism and more research, please.

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