“India Shining”? Or the Greece of Asia?
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  • Anthony

    “The rise of great powers is complicated.” India has fallen from being the second best to second worst South Asian country (Amartya Sen, 2012). The Indian paradox WRM has been impacted by both wobbling global economy (rupee/euro) and combination of rapid growth with lagging living standards for many Indians – complicated and difficult.

  • Jim.

    Old Hickory also had an unfortunate habit of challenging to duels people who would bid against him in government land auctions.

    Interesting times…

  • Snorri Godhi

    Wasn’t Andrew Jackson also an ethnic cleanser?

  • Lyle Smith

    Yep, wherever Andrew Jackson was horsed white supremacy was never in doubt… even when he was standing up to the South Carolina nullification crisis. USA! USA! USA!

  • Brendan Doran

    Yes Andrew Jackson was a Great Man.

    And although it’s usually ignored in History, the Cherokee were perfectly warlike, and picked the losing side in the Seven Years/French-Indian War, the American Revolution, and spent plenty of years after raiding American settlements. Jackson was not oppressing innocent strangers.

    Tragic, but those were their choices.

    We recently have received a refresher course in Tribal Relations overseas. They can’t and won’t live in peace with others especially other tribes.

    It’s also long since done.

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