Former Spanish PM: Iran Actually Wants to Destroy Israel (But We’re Sure It’s Just a Misunderstanding)
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  • Geoff M

    What bugs me about this is that this conversation was to have taken place almost 12 years ago. Why hasn’t Aznar brought this up before?

  • Kris

    Aznar? Ha! Yet another philo-Semite.


    [email protected]: Dog bites man? Diplomatic niceties?

  • Corlyss

    “And all that inflammatory rhetoric in Mein Kampf was just a lot of hot air.”

    While I agree that when someone says they’re out to destroy you, you should probably take them seriously. However, taking them seriously involves a risk analysis that is bound to implicate the speaker’s latent and patent capacity to do so. Otherwise, there’d be no 1st amendment protection for political speech.

    You could probably count on the finger of one hand anyone, even among Jews, who looked at the ravings of an imprisoned ex-corporal rotting in a Munich jail in 1924 and analyzed correctly that he would one day be Chancellor and in a position to actually realize his ambitions.

  • ahad ha’amoratsim

    ## Colyss, the problem is that even after the ex-corporal was installed as head of state and was no longer rotting in a Munich jail, far too many dismissed his rantings in Mein Kampf as so much hot air, and opined that he would certainly never try to carry out his threats. The denial faction included, as I understand it, the editorial staff of the New York Times.

  • One bullet in 1936 could have saved tens of millions of europeans. One bullet now could save tens of millions of jews and europeans.

    History will look back on the leader who makes – or does not make – the correct call… and saves – or does not – those millions of lives and, doubtless, trillions of dollars of lost GDP, hurting the inhabitants of the entire globe.

    Which will our Western leaders choose?

  • It is amazing to me how Westerners through some magic process of fair mindedness (We are simply anti Zionist not anti Semitic!) and multiculturalism wind up abetting the virulent anti Semitism of the Middle East. The ‘Oriental Other’ is always morally clean, and hey presto, the Jews ar dirty. Again.

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