Asia: The Grand Design
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  • John Burke

    With respect to Secretary Clinton and WRM, didn’t we already have an “American Pacific Century” beginning with the Spanish War? Starting with Dewey’s defeat of the Spanish Pacific fleet, have we not fought five major wars in East Asia? Didn’t the Empire of Japan attack Pearl Harbor and the Phillipines because the substantial US presence in the Pacific was the major obstacle to Japanese East Asian hegemony? Since Japan’s defeat, have we not maintained continuously a large-scale military force across a wide swath of the western Pacific? If so, how can it be said that the Obama administration is “pivoting” to a new American role in East Asia as part of a (presumably) fresh or significantly revamped grand strategy? You can’t initiate an American stake in the Pacific when America as a Pacific power has been a constant of US policy since William McKinley was President — more constant arguably than the US stake in Europe.

  • Anthony

    Friends help friends…. Overall regional strategy complements grand strategy for Asian engagement…

    The geopolitical feedback loop moves westward WRM – yet, our interest are still global and spans the oceans.

  • Jbird

    I have to admit that Asian-Pacific relations has been the 1 thing the Obama Administration has handled well.

  • RedWell

    “This is grand strategy in action…” Also notable is how difficult grand strategy is to implement. I think WRM is right to identify this pivot and how it fits into the administration’s ongoing foreign policy efforts. Unlike Clinton, Obama has been able to begin formulating a clear grand strategy for the US and, unlike GW Bush, he didn’t need a major catastrophe to catalyze the effort.

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