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  • Corlyss

    “It has provided the Syrian opposition with very strong language to describe Assad’s various atrocities.”

    Right. Strong memo to follow. I don’t fault the US for not getting involved. Someone could get hurt. Meanwhile, the UN has behaved true to type.

  • Kris

    Given that the US fought in Libya but not in Syria, I can only conclude that the new Democratic policy is: “War only for Oil”.

  • Kris

    Unfortunately, I cannot edit my previous comment and change its slogan to: “No blood for no oil!”

  • Corlyss


    Well, really, in Libya it was “Overheated rhetoric is us; others to fight.” It’s the Dems ideal: the appearance of armed defense of standards while actually doing nothing but making pretty speeches.

  • Cunctator

    Things can fall apart easily just about anywhere given the right concoction of pressures and personalities.

    But, as Syria has been a difficult problem to solve since the unrest erupted a year ago, the best thing for the US and its Western Partners to have done was to be quiet. If we were never likely to intervene, then we should not have used rhetoric that sounded like we might. We should instead have explained why we could not, and not allowed ourselves to have been diverted from the main issue, namely Iran.

    And, by the way, doing “nothing” does not preclude the deployment of special forces to take out targets when we think it necessary to do so.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: Fair enough. There were not many American boots on the ground in Libya, though the US did play an important role through the air campaign.

    [email protected]: For some reason, I am reminded of the criticism of Bush Senior over the 1991 Iraqi uprising. (According to many commenters at the Goldberg piece, such a comment is an indication that I’m a warmonger.)

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