Are Investors Prepared for French Election?
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  • Kenny

    Love it.

    For the first time in my life, I rooting for a Leftie.

  • Excellent points, Professor Mead.

    I’ve been telling my friends for some time that the election of “President Hollande” could cause major aftershocks in the European political landscape. Hollande believes that if “Club Med” decides to spend its way to prosperity, then the ECB will have little choice but to back their play and buy their bonds (should private investors be wary of doing so).

    The Germans and their northern brethren will not like this. Not…one…bit. Turbulent days to follow, I suspect…

  • Well, with the markets, you’re [darned] if you do, [darned] if you don’t with them.

  • Hammered at Trinite sur Mer

    Rumor on the street– Hollande victory will lead to DSK’s rehabilitation as Director of Activities at Club Med– Otherwise he’ll be forced to leave the country and look for work with the US Secret Service…

  • oops! sorry for the language! 🙂

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