Indian Missile Test Ups The Pressure on A Jumpy Beijing
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  • Let us pray for a rationally, NATIONALLY (not civilizationally) minded Chinese leadership. And in particular the kind that respects neighboring countries’ nationhood and autonomy. Which coming from Beijing may be something on the order of a small miracle, but still . . .

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    When judging the power of a Nation, most analysts will divide things up into the Hard Power: Military forces, Defense Treaties, Powerful Allies, and the Soft Power: Trust, Culture, Economic strength, and Trade. By this criteria China has Hard Power in a growing military, but without any strong or committed Allies, and a Negative Soft Power in that its neighbors don’t trust it, its culture is backward and unworthy of imitation or adoption, its trading is unfair (piracy is common) with no customer loyalty (in fact China actively threatens its neighbors and biggest customer the US), and a crashing export model economy which will reduce and eventually end military growth. When you compare the power of China vs. India, China’s power will stagnate if not decline in the coming years while India’s will continue to grow.

  • Anthony

    China being potentially Northeast Asian hegemon engenders security fears thus its unlikely rivals (India in this instances) including U.S. view its external and internal developments with anxious concern vis-a-vis power balances. Question for me is: will structural imperatives of international system operating in North and South Asia contain a formidable China?

  • “Meanwhile, China’s growing economic clout and massive military buildup are refocusing India’s attention on the trans-Himalayan threat”

    Which would you rather have between your country and China, the Himalayas or the Great Wall?

  • Bart Hall (Kansas, USA)

    Let us not forget India’s indigenous boomers, the Arihant-class, the first of which is likely to be commissioned in 2013. There are at least three more under construction.

    As of next year sometime the only missing piece of a full strategic triad for India will be long-range bombers, and they’ve probably decided that the almost-4,000 km flight to Beijing would have little chance of success compared to missiles. Even the USA are continually downgrading their strategic bomber forces as being out-of-date and somewhat unnecessary.

    Even a handful of Indian boomers will be a successful deterrent to the Chinese because they’ll have to assume at least one of ’em will be in the South China Sea at all times.

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