Workplaces of the Future
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  • Anthony

    “Its like the living room I could never have….” Workplace or open space marketed for both street traffic (new lobbyist) and contemporary “chic” as ancillary to commerical development.

  • That’s new? Sounds like Café de Flore. That’s Sartre over there in the corner blogging.

  • “The building we exited was another one of the terrafoam projects. Terrafoam was a super-low-cost building material, and all of the welfare dorms were made out of it. They took a clay-like mud, aerated it into a thick foam, formed it into large panels and fired it like a brick with a mobile furnace. It was cheap and it allowed them to erect large buildings quickly. The robots had put up the building next to ours in a week. . . .

  • Daniel M. Ryan

    There’s another benefit. Work spaces for “portable workers” eliminate the distractions that come with working from home.

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