Michael Oren on Israeli Democracy
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  • Anthony

    Will Israel retain its character as both a Jewish and Democratic state going forward as she celebrates her 64th year as a democracy WRM? Michael Oren believes so and proffers a sound case that she will (democratic nation-state of the Jewish people) – here’s to peace for Israel and neighbors.

  • Aron Matskin

    >… and Via Meadia is glad join our fellow citizens in hoping that for Israel and its neighbors, this may be a year of peace.


  • “For centuries, Jewish communities had organized themselves along democratic lines,”

    I don’t believe this is accurate. In my reading Jewish communities in eastern Europe at any rate were ruled by a tiny minority (1%) composed of the smartest and richest, i.e., a rabbi-merchant elite.

  • It was in revolt against this oligarchic-theocracy that produced modern Hasidic Judaism by the way, if I may express it in my own words. Maybe somebody can correct me.

  • On a more constructive note, I once wrote this:


    Long live Israel.

  • Jim.

    “In spite of everything, remains committed to democracy”

    Good to hear.

    So this means that all of their recent debates have been settled then, as to “whether they could remain both a Jewish state and a democracy”?

    So what did they finally decide — to tolerate the possibility of a Palestinian majority, or formally announce a plan for a two-state solution that would keep the Palestinian majority in a new country called Palestine?

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