Turkey’s Nightmare Scenario
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  • Anthony

    Is it possible that human beings can live together peacefully without construction of institutions that both socialize and deter aberrant (violent) behavior? WRM, that also transcends foreign policy issue for Turks and Syrians…

  • RSC

    “Turkey is less volatile today than it was in 1900, when large Armenian and Greek minorities were also present.”

    Well, we all know how Turkey dealt with its (Christian) Armenians back in 1915. Many of the Armenians who survived that genocide fled to Syria, where their descendants now fight for Mr. Assad. I don’t see a resolution to centuries of conflict any time soon.

  • Put a fence around all muslim countries, airdrop all the weapons they want, and put a phone booth in the middle.

    Tell them: “Call the civilized world when you’re finished killing each other over your own ‘religion’. We’ll get back to you when we have time again to deal with your backwardness.”

  • Jim.

    @RSC — then between the wars, the Turks took it out on the Greek Christians in what ought also to be called a genocide. (See Niall Ferguson’s The War of the World for more details on this disgraceful, and disgracefully ignored atrocity.)

    Remind me, why are we siding with these guys again when they’re completely unwilling to come clean about these policies? Who’s going to fill that power vacuum, (Orthodox) Russia? India or China, who have their own Muslim problems? The collapsing EU?

    It really shouldn’t be that hard to bring the sort of pressure to bear on Turkey that would get them to take responsibility for their mistreatment of religious minorities and get them to play ball in the future. We just have to play a little bit of hardball now.

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