Great Game Heats up in China Sea
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  • I object to calling it the Great Game. You make it sound like sport for aristocrats.

  • Somebody help me out with how best to way to describe why calling potential armed conflict in Asia a Great Game is morally objectionable. Does it trivialize life in that part of the world? I know there is something insufferable about it — and that it reflects poorly on the user — but I can’t quite put my finger on the right words.

  • (And feel free to correct my typos in the process. 🙂 )

  • Atanu Maulik

    As Pax Americana comes to an end, we are headed into really exciting times.

  • Anthony

    WRM, one could speculate that China wants regional actors (in this case Philippines) to remain conscious of its growing stature in Asia (North and South) as well as its regional potential…

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “China Alliance Systems”
    Huh? Does China have any allies? Anyone that would fight for them? China is butting heads with all its neighbors including North Korea, over islands in the Yalu River. If China does go to war, they will find themselves fighting alone against everyone else, who will be allying themselves against a greedy and grasping China.

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