A Plethora of Pipelines
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  • a nissen

    You are quoting yesterday’s WSJ. Further reasoning behind the rush to export appears in today’s:

  • Corlyss

    “can they really block all the new pipelines?”

    Yes they can! EPA, not DoD, runs the government in this administration. Just wait till they take control of natural gas in a few months. They’re going to stop it all. There’s no consensus in Congress that these sophisticated morons have gone light years beyond their mandate. The only hope of stopping them after the Supremes decided EPA could control CO2 is for the Congress to remove elements from their mandate specifically, and Congress can’t manage even that small task as long as it is divided. Even if the Republicans can take the Senate without losing the House this year, it is not likely they will be able to get a bill thru, esp. if Obama wins. If I had my way, EPA would be disbanded as a nest of unregistered agents of foreign powers.

  • Mark Michael

    PJ Media had a video in which they showed a map of the US with all of its pipelines in red. The country is covered with pipelines; red lines obscured the map, they were so dense. There are something like 300,000 miles of major oil transmission pipelines alone. All types of pipelines – natural gas, local “distribution” pipelines, those for petrochemicals, etc. – total to over 3 million miles. The state that was cited as the reason for Obama’s delay of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Nebraska, has maybe 21,000 miles of similar oil pipelines. The Keystone pipeline would be another hundred miles or so of more pipeline for Neb.

    I guess the D Party “insiders” figure the MSM will continue serving as coverup artists for them. Don’t let the average D voter know the facts about oil pipelines and their profligate usage in the US.

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