Game Of Thrones Returns To Australia
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  • Eric

    When you said ‘game of thrones’ I immediately thought you meant that other game of thrones. More likely we’ll be replacing our current Prime Minister much much sooner than the Queen. Her and her party are on the nose. In Queensland after the election on the weekend all remaining ALP parliamentarians can now fit into the one SUV.

    However Queenslanders are doing their bit for world peace – another big export coal mine was approved yesterday.

  • Kris

    My involuntary eye-roll at your first paragraph was violent enough to hurt me. I’ll be sending you a doctor’s bill.

    “The Pentagon is reviewing the size and distribution of its forces in northeast Asia, where they are concentrated on Cold War-era bases in Japan and South Korea.”

    If I were given to simplistic analyses, I would say this makes US forces less vulnerable to a Chinese first strike.

    “Maybe the Australians can communicate this message to Beijing”

    I wanna try! [Clears throat, puts on sincere face.] “We’re not defending the peace against you, we’re defending the peace with you!”

  • dearieme

    There’s no such person as “the Queen of England”, the job having been abolished in 1707. Moreover, Her Majesty reigns over Australia as Queen of Australia. The Head of State is probably the Governor-General, depending exactly how you care to define “Head of State”.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: “The Head of State is probably the Governor-General, depending exactly how you care to define ‘Head of State'”

    Definition: that thing rolling next to the guillotine.

  • dearieme

    Be careful, Chris: Mr Obama can probably have you jailed for that sally.

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