Ex-Colonies Aren’t De-Friending The Empires Of Old
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  • “Language and culture: they both matter much, much more than cosmopolitan elites would have us believe”.

    Alleluia. Meanwhile (and I know this sounds hideously snarky of me, but):

    Trans-ATLANTO-Pacific Partnership, anyone?

  • Mrs. Davis

    Funny, in all that discussion of post-renaissance Euro- and Sino-empires I missed the pre-renaissance Arabian empire that has had such a strong impact in its territory. Is there a global digital divide or do they just not have BFFs?

  • Anthony

    The author of Visualizing Friendships claims reaffirmation (impact of connecting people) but underlying connection is certainly language and culture – you’re right language and culture matter more than some would believe.

  • Kris

    Before being too dismissive of the Euro-dreamers, it can be argued that their theory was that we live in an ever-accelerating world, and that a European identity could be forged much faster than it would have been in the past. Their plan was only interrupted by an inconvenient economic crisis.

    [Note: I am not privy to the thoughts of the European “Founding Fathers”. I express no opinion as to the morality, wisdom, or chances of success of the “plan” presented here.)

  • Corlyss

    “Ex-Colonies Aren’t De-Friending The Empires Of Old”

    Of course not. That’s where all their guilt money comes from. The influence of guilt-ridden Western former colonial powers with institutions that shovel money to dysfunctional 3rd-5th world nations is far greater than those nations would be able to wield on their own. They have nothing to offer except resources and boatloads of illiterate immigrants.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    What strikes me the most about the picture, is the dark areas, in particular the darkness of the old Soviet Union, and China. Apparently neither of them have much of a connection to the rest of the world, or possibly very little connection to the internet or facebook.

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