Turkey and America Rekindle Old Flame
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  • jack

    This was probably not a post by Mead and is complete nonsense-Turkey is ruled by Islamist
    leaders and is moving in that direction, not Americas!

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I have to ask “Why are the Turks so Anti-American?”, that so many Turks hate the US is an indication of serious problems in Turkish Culture that the Turks refuse to face. A civilized culture would look at the strengths of an Ally with admiration, and with a desire to adopt and adapt those strengths to themselves (Kemal). But the Turks, despite the NATO treaty between the US and Turkey, see the US as an enemy, there has to be a reason for this glaring discrepancy.
    So I have to say that NO Turkey is not progressing, but rather back sliding into the inferior Islamic Cultural model that Kemal attempted to change. Dimitar Bechev is clearly an apologist looking for a silver lining to the Turkish decline into Islamic Cultural failure. He spins the loss of Democracy to Islamic Authoritarianism, He ignores the end to the Rule of Law that the political prisoners represent, and he ignores the failure to face reality that the continued denial of the Armenian massacre represents and is only one of the many lies the Turks are telling themselves.

  • Kris

    A remarkably positive assessment.

  • joe

    “The retreat of EU influence in Turkey increasingly makes the alternative to Kemalism not one of EU-inspired minority rights, let alone ethnic power-sharing as demanded by Kurdish nationalists,the AKP brand of identity politics which (unlike Kemalism) recognises the multiplicity of ethnic identities while embracing nationalism and the cult of the state.”

    That has no bearing in reality. It is normative and a wish for how Turkey might evolve. The Turkish secular state per se has always been a product of Blut und Boden nationalism that the trans-national patina of the AKP’s Sunnism can not eradicate. There are no free nations of note anymore in Turkey: no Greeks, no Armenians, and no Kurds, free to participate in popular government on their own behalf.

    If the AKP were really the second coming of the Ottomans, would they allow the murders in Trezibond of Catholics to go unpunished? Would they continue the unspoken law of no refurbishing existing churches? Have they ever shown even the slightest resemblance to the restraint and ecumenicalism of the better Ottoman Sultans? Never. Not even to their co-religionists.

    The AKP may have change its approach and procedure in achieving its aims, and those means employed may have a superficial similarity to those used in US political culture, but the end results are sought after.

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