Good Sportsmanship: Still To Be Found
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  • Jeremy, Alabama

    Being born in England, this resonates with every Englishman and cricketer of a certain age. Before the advent of Big Money, it was absolutely expected of a batsman to walk after whiffing at the ball. Waiting for the umpire to pronounce was treated with the deepest ignominy.

    Having been gone for twenty-plus years, I’m not exactly sure when the change occurred, but Cricket has definitely changed. Partly, extremely cynical umpirage by Pakistanis and Indians is to blame (the West Indies teams never needed any help from local referees, and some of those Pakistani and Indian teams did not need help but got it anyway). But most notably, when there are large sums at stake, cricketers behave a whole lot more like NFL wide receivers after a loose catch. Winning is not the main thing. It is the only thing. And it would be the only thing for me, too, for a few thou.

  • Anthony

    Character and honor attributes not publicly promoted nor culturally mass valued in our consumer/acquisitive society; however timeless attributes that speak to human capacity for selflessness (in this case sportsmanship). Thanks WRM for these two examples of generational hope.

  • Jim.

    Competition is critical to determine what human potential is.

    Sportsmanship is critical to prevent hypercompetitiveness from creating a hellish environment for us all.

    Living in a world without Competition is pathetic – people who think we should do so deprive humanity of one of its most powerful tools.

    Living in a world without Sportsmanship is horrifying. People will fight against it, and rightfully so.

    If you like Competition — teach Sportsmanship.

  • Some Sock Puppet

    Thank you for this. I’m in an area where character is frowned upon and doing the right thing is for suckers.

    I miss my small town roots where people were decent to one another.

    This helped remind me of that.

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