Libyan Fallout and the Humanitarian Question
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  • Jbird

    unforeseen? I seem to remember reading these exact criticisms and more at the time of the intervention.

  • Mrs. Davis

    As a country, we need to think this through.

    Before November.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: “They have eyes, but do not see.”

  • Stephen Houghton

    Yes, I made that criticissm at the time and I pointed out that we were violating the dictum of Fredrick the Great that, “One should not break ones word unless it is greatly to ones advantage and for that happen one must have a reputation for very great probity.”

  • American should be ready to intervene – after serious thought and consideration by adults – NOT Baby Boomers – in WESTERN affairs. We don’t understand the other cultures of the world and there is NOTHING in most of them worth a single American life.

    If France or Germany or the UK or Australia or Japan, etc., ask for our help, cool. Everyone else? NOT OUR PROBLEM.

  • Stephen

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Walter are you not aware of NATO’s great victory in Libya? Haven’t you read the lead article in your copy of the March/April ed. of Foreign Affairs? Why, Daalder and Savridis is just pleased as punch with the Libyan intervention, cf “NATO’s Victory in Libya”. Why it’s written right there that “by any measure, NATO succeeded in Libya”; any measure…

  • Fred

    Not quite Alex. True the inhabitants of the Middle East aren’t worth the loss of American equipment, much less American lives. But the oil is. Horrible as that sounds, think how much more horrible a shutoff of Middle Eastern oil or control of most or all of it by some mad Arab or Persian dictator (redundant, I know) would be.

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