Smooth Succession in North Korea
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  • I have spent time observing what Mugabe did to Zimbabwe and it is tragic. but at least a hereditary succession seems unlikely. North Korea’s agony is far worse and apparently no end in sight. If I were president I would say quietly to China: Just annex the place and we will send tribute, and dancing girls, and proclaim it Manifest Destiny.

  • Mark in Texas

    Sadly, nobody performed the Mugabe operation on Kim Il Sung before he reproduced. Of course, Burma is more of a hereditary oligopoly than a hereditary monarchy yet they seem to be doing their darndest to emulate North Korea.

  • Lyle Smith

    I was thinking the same thing… how long can North Korea exist? We can’t let it go on indefinitely and hope it just falls apart, or must we?

  • North Korea will go on as long as the Chinese want it to. Watch Baby Kim and his handlers but watch the Chinese even more closely. A democratic, capitalist South Korea scares the Chinese far more than a nuclear-armed but broke North Korea.

  • Kidding aside I think Jerry Arnold has the right idea. My sense is that China is still invested in not losing face over the Korean war and not about to let Korea reunite – even though the situation is absurd.

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