Obama Spills Beans on Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program on National TV
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  • SteveMG

    Didn’t the NIE report last year (repudiating the 2007 judgment) make this claim? I.e., that the Iranians were working on the components but hadn’t decided whether to actually build a bomb?

    Or does this mean that the White House accepts that judgment?

    It might be new from the White House but I’m not sure it’s new coming from American intelligence.

  • a nissen

    What puffery. WRM, you were scooped long ago. That is what I would prefer to think; the less appealing alternative is that you are part of the orchestration.


  • Steve W from Ford

    Well DUH!!!

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    With out a TelePrompter Obama is totally incompetent to keep all his lies strait.

  • hypatia

    They might be developing one. It’s not really the point. The US/Israel/Euro team is unhappy that Iran is part of an upcoming economic block that will be in direct competition with the West. They want to crush this. Anyone that messes with the Western Banksters cash-cow is targeted for elimination. (See, Libya, etc)

  • Well, after Panetta’s churrings re the likelihood of an Israeli attack, I find this Obamic message creep less than stirring. Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Centre has repeatedly made a compelling case why Israel wont attack Iran. I find it convincing, but it may all be part of a disinformation campaign that includes Panetta and Obama ramping up the rhetoric. As much as a lot of folks would like to see someone – anyone – take out Ajad with a Sugar Ray sucker punch, I don’t think it is going to happen.

  • Eurydice

    This is an important point – but, with the way you’ve written this article, it’s no wonder the responses are “duh.” Obama isn’t saying he thinks/believes the mullahs are building nukes (everybody thinks that), he’s saying the mullahs *are* building nukes. The thinking/believing part is that it’s a problem and that Iran should stop.

  • Cunctator

    I would not read too much into whatever the idiot-in-chief says about anything. I doubt that he pays much attention to briefings that he receives on Iran or cares about its nuclear weapons programme. His goal is the retention of power to remake the US and get as many goodies for him and his cronies as he can in as many years as he has in public office.

    It is only a gaffe if he actually knew something and let it slip.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: Silly me, here I thought your links would back up your assertion that there’s nothing new in Mead’s post. Instead they’re merely Glenn Greenwald’s usual excoriation of those worried about Iran. That’ll teach me for giving you another chance.

    [email protected]: “The US/Israel/Euro team is unhappy that Iran is part of an upcoming economic block that will be in direct competition with the West.”

    That’s right. Israel’s worrying for years about Iran’s nuclear program is nothing but a cover. :eyeroll:

    [email protected]: Indeed.

  • SteveMG

    Obama isn’t saying he thinks/believes the mullahs are building nukes (everybody thinks that), he’s saying the mullahs *are* building nukes.

    No, he didn’t say that. He said they’re working on a “nuclear weapons program”, emphasis on “program.”

    There’s a debate as to whether the Iranians plan on actually building a nuclear weapon or whether they plan to just construct all of the components and have them ready to actually create a nuclear bomb/weapon.

    A program and a weapon are not the same thing.

    If the President actually said “nuclear weapon” then the Administration has concluded that they don’t plan on stopping as the construction state.

  • Corlyss

    “Until they do, I think Israel rightly is going to be very concerned, and we are as well.”

    I realize that in diplomatic circles, this might sound like a stunning admission, a revelation of hitherto undisclosed thought processes, but really, in the real world, HOW is this different from what the government has been saying for 10 years? Who ISN’T “concerned” about Iran’s march to nuclear weapons? The world has been waiting for all this time for someone to DO something meaningful, not just meet and talk and meet and talk and announce “concerns” and meet and talk some more. Statements like this are motion tarted up to sound like progress. Balderdash.

  • Is this really news? If he’d said the opposite now that would be news.

  • a nissen

    Kris @ 9.
    1. There is nothing new in the president’s “slip,” not necessarily WRM’s post.
    2. The “scooping” was not done by Greenwald, who merely tabulates the saber rattling in the press in order to suitably sway the U.S. public.
    3. If my judgement was not still suspended , I would written that Greenwald’s long media tabulation shows WRM media “unawareness” so eggerated as to be part of the staged orchestration.

    WRM tells us:
    “This is huge news—and the major media have pretty much let it slip. Until this point, the administration has insinuated that certain Iranian nuclear structures are “inconsistent” with a peaceful nuclear program….
    With yesterday’s slip of the tongue, Obama may have revealed where he and the American intelligence community stand on the issue.”

    If true, Greenwald’s map also strongly reveals where “he and the American intelligence community stands.” What say others? Is that map true and revealing or not?

  • Kris

    [email protected]: I expected you to do something very simple, before charging forth in all directions: provide one measly link proving that the “slip” was nothing new; ie that Obama has previously stated unequivocally that Iran is actively working to obtain nuclear weapons. Basic enough, no?

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