Japan-India Ties Deepen As Fear of China Grows
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  • Anthony

    Not only are the 21st century geopolitical realities continuing to emerge but also its maritime shape is definitively developing – changing/transitioning global dynamics (shift from Atlantic to Pacific/Indian waters perhaps).

  • Jim.

    We can probably expect the geopolitical realities of the 21st century to look a bit like the Euro-political realities of centuries past — shifting alliances, checkerboard diplomacy, balance of power.

    We need people at State who understand thse things. Do we have them?

  • Eurydice

    Well, to be fair to the media, they don’t make money off of geopolitical realities. They make money from politics and political advertising. That’s why we’ve got the political paparazzi out there 24/7 covering every possible burp and hiccup. And the beauty part is this constant air time encourages even more spending and campaigning on the part of the politicians.

    So, if Japan and India want the US public to notice the importance of their deepening ties, they’ll have to pay for it just like anybody else.

  • RHD

    The Japanese are now rightfully concerned about a Chinese-dominated Co-Prosperity Sphere. But these competitive rivalries between and among China, Japan and India arise in a context where each has an overriding interest in stability, cooperation and managing the inevitable conflicts that will arise.

  • Gary L

    Great insights! I hope you’ll consider adding your team of crack translators and analysts to the VM 2012 bonus pool.

  • So we are arming our future enemy by building up his economy? China doesn’t know how to make things for its own people. But it sure knows how to make bombs.

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