The Soft Coup Advances
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  • justaguy

    I know that this will get flamed but…

    Now that we are a bit wiser about airline hijacking and can prevent airliners from becoming cruise missiles, why don’t we simply forget that part of the world and let them stew and die in a world of their own making.
    Is it realistic to expect that every gun-totting Islamic crazy we are trying to hunt down could actually do anything to us now that we aren’t complacent.

    I’m not going Ron Paul here, just wondering why we aren’t more Realist, sticking strongmen in places when needed (as in 2002 AFP) and then leaving. Isn’t that what Rumsfeld wanted before Bush and State over-ruled him? I guess I never believed in exporting democracy, only punishing states that act up — meaning wasn’tis Bill Clinton’s Bosnia adventure was strategically smarter than Bush’ adventures?

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