NY Times Romney Bashing Continues
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  • Kenny

    What did you expect?

    The New York Times has long since become a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

  • Rick Caird

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. This is just a warmup. If Romney gets the nomination, then the bashing will begin.

  • TT

    In 1846, the Mormons were forcibly evicted from the United States because of their beliefs. Seems they should prepare for somewhat similar treatment this year, but this time there is no barren wasteland to escape to.

  • Anonymous

    If the positions of Romney and the Mormon church were reversed I severely doubt the New York Beta Times would have run a piece praising Romney for his position.

  • John

    But instead, the Times cites anonymous “Mormon immigration advocates” who allude to the possibility that Romney is using this issue to fake independence from Mormon teaching.

    So the Times talked to Harry Reid again? Big deal.

  • Swen Swenson

    If Romney were muslim do you suppose the NYT would be warning us that he was trying to smuggle his devious theocratic agenda into the White House? But living out here in flyover country clinging bitterly to our gunz and our religions we rednecks and Mormons are still eminently revilable.

  • Willis

    “Mormons in Utah who back an accommodating approach to immigrants say they have been disturbed to see Mr. Romney align himself with his party’s anti-immigration flank and with Tea Party members.”

    Dr. Meade, you failed to point out that his party does not have an anti-immigration flank. The Grey Lady is no lady.

  • Mike

    The sun continues to rise and set as well.

    “A modicum of self-awareness or fairness in the editing process..”

    Hahahaha. Isn’t this NYT we’re discussing?

  • JM Hanes

    “What better way to smuggle his devious theocratic agenda into the White House?”

    Just like all those sneaky Catholics who pretend to be pro-choice!

  • Texan

    @Rick Caird: Correction. Your comment should have read “You ain’t seen nothing yet. This is just a warmup. If –insert name of GOP candidate here– gets the nomination, then the bashing will begin.”

    It doesn’t matter who gets nominated. They’re poised to bash no matter what. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

  • willis

    “Just like all those sneaky Catholics who pretend to be pro-choice!”

    I think most Catholics do support the school voucher program.

  • Jim.

    If the NYT really wants Romney to lose the primary, they should run more articles about how a Romney victory means the end of TEA Party influence.

  • Didn’t the NYT also complain that Romney was too white? Or was that the Washington Post? Our liberal elites love to play the race card when it suits them.

  • christopher hubbard

    just another example of why smart center-right citizens don’t read the paper no longer of record.

  • Corlyss

    That’s funny. You’d think Romney was a threat to Team Shakedown, er, Obama.

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