Nigeria Crisis Deepens
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  • subrot0

    Where is all that smart diplomacy that we have heard so much about? Or is this Bush’s fault?

  • James Vaughn

    Who is paying for the arms? The world needs to put pressure on them.

  • Rob Waters

    One small point: The Ibo had been the most mobile and enterprising group in Nigeria even before the 1966: Northern massacres of Ibo following the Ibo-dominated 1966 military coup ultimately led to the Biafra secession.
    Among northern tribes, Hausa are historically the most involved in trade.

  • gringojay

    40 years ago lived in rural Africa & tribalism
    never dies. Westerners have no concept of how
    spilling blood of the “other” is not only acceptable. but there’s no squeamish remorse using any means.
    BoHaha groupies just racist misunderstanders of
    tribal lore of some messanger.

  • AD-RtR/OS!

    “…who’s paying for the arms?…”

    Well, right off the top of my head, I can come up with two strong possibilities that would benefit immensly from the subtraction of Nigeria’s output from the Global supply of oil:
    Russia, and Iran.
    But, neither of them would get involved with revolutionary/terrorist groups, would they?

  • mac

    Worked with Nigerians off and on for the last ten years. Knowing about the Muslim north/Christian (roughly) south discord and having read Lugard’s “Dual Mandate” years ago, I always asked if they thought Nigeria would remain one country. I never met one Nigerian who did. The most common comment I heard from them about the Muslims in the north was, “Those people are crazy!”

    I really don’t see much hope for Nigeria. The people are so inured to corruption they don’t have any belief at all in the possibility of decent, honest government. They don’t trust each other at all even on a personal level; the idea that some strangers could be trusted to have power and influence without using it to steal all they possibly could is, for them, simply delusional. They know that looting the treasury for their own benefit is exactly what they would do so they aren’t surprised in the slightest when someone else does so. Many of them thought the last honest government Nigeria had was the British colonial one.

    Long story short: a corrupt people can’t have honest–and democratic–government.

  • Kris

    So the Igbo cannot have their own state, and they cannot live throughout Nigeria either. They should just stay subservient in an assigned area. What’s the word for that?

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