Is This The Year That the Dragon Will Roar?
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  • Kris

    “Via Meadia strongly prefers a peaceful and smooth process of political and social development in China.”

    Kris strongly prefers [shockingly lurid fantasy]. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    It was always the American plan to create a demanding middle-class in China that would take down the Chinese communists for us. It looks like our nefarious plan is working, Waaahaa haa haa.

  • Darius Thomson

    I don’t know… It took a LOT to get the last big, effective, government- removed from power in China; the Qings, not the Kuomintang. I think that China has, historically, been VERY effective in handling these small local uprisings. It took two decades, an international war, lots of foreign support, and corruption and death on an unimaginable scale to even shake off the Kuomintang. I don’t think the CCP is going anywhere. We need to get used to that.

  • Darius, one could substitute Russia/USSR/Romanovs and say the same thing…..what?

  • Interesting

    How long will it take for the Chinese Internet Police to discover this blog entry and clog the Comments with crudely written propaganda..?

  • Beaner

    Zoo animals? We’ll see who squeels like stuck pigs, you filthy commie [unpleasant people].

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