Is Egypt Closing Up Shop?
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  • Jeremy, Alabama


    I’ve been following Spengler’s articles in this, as I’m sure you have. His additional point is that Egypt is now in the grip of a frenzied capital flight – and not just capital, but anything of value, e.g. trucks of food, shiploads of oil, relief supplies of all kinds.

    This will end tragically for twenty million people whose survival (in total poverty) depended on the relative stability imposed by the Mubarak regime. I would not attempt to defend Mubarak, but merely note that the road from Bad to Good must usually pass through Worse.

  • Kris

    “As the new Islamist-dominated government comes to power, it is likely to have much tougher issues on its plate than the implemention of Sharia law.”

    Sometimes I despair of you, Mead. Do you not understand that the implemention of Sharia law will solve all of Egypt’s problems? Islam is the solution! If the problem persists? More Islam! The problems still won’t go away? Ah, then they are being caused by the likes of you and your … Zionist friends. And something tells me I can find a solution in the Koran for a problem like Via Meadia.


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