The Lamb of Georgia Strikes Again
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  • WigWag

    Actually Carter is a problem in search of a problem.

  • Steve

    Agree with WigWag. Seems like in the search to remain relevant he frequently winds up legitimizing bad actors.

  • Kris

    “The Lamb of Georgia remains a solution in search of a problem.”

    How do you solve a solution like Jimmeh?

  • John Foster

    I like the reference to “unofficial emissaries in the Game of Thrones.” Sometimes, I get the impression that I’m watching the real-life version of a bad novel.

  • I could think of worse things to call Carter than lamb.

  • Carter remains – as he always has been – a problem for which the adult world seeks a solution. Until we can find said solution, however, we will continue to ignore the 3rd-worst president in our history (Wilson, Obama, Carter).

  • Send Jesse Jackson – that’ll keep the NORKs guessing!

  • Cunctator

    It might not be a popular view, but I feel rather sorry for Carter. For a long time now, I have thought that he became unhinged by his defeat in 1980 and the catastrophic collapse of any positive political reputation he might have wished for. (Of course, compared with the fool that now sits in the Oval Office, Carter seems much more impressive.) Still, it must be very difficult to know that almost everyone regards you as one of the least competent presidents in your nation’s history.

    In my opinion, therefore, Carter is not so much a problem, as he has a very serious problem that he finds overwhelming.

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