Japanese Poll Boosts America in Great Game
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  • gs

    1. Do we have an Asian policy, or are we engaging in clueless posturing like George “Mission Accomplished” Bush on the aircraft carrier? I await our response to China’s as-yet-unknown countermove in Asia.

    2. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Great Game, Hugo Chavez’s Community of Latin American and Caribbean States has been launched in Caracas. No Anglos need apply. The nation which invented Go sent congratulations.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    For as long as China looks like it is ready to eat the rest of Asia, the US is going to enjoy its present popularity. As long as we can serve as a counterbalance to China, it’s not going to matter much what our foreign policy looks like. They would treat us the same way if we were Nazi’s.

  • Luke Lea

    Dear WRM: This “Great Game” meme is off-putting The tone is all wrong for one thing. Have you been watching too many James Bond movies? Similarly, to my ears you seem to derive a certain pleasure over the demise of the blue model, a sort of I-told-you-so as the Titanic goes down. It detracts from your otherwise insightful analyses. In my opinion.

  • peter38a

    It reminds me of the great Tokyo earthquake in 1923. Americans were so generous in their assistance that, if memory serves, a grateful Japanese government sent a beautifully dressed, classical, porcelain doll to every state in the union as a thank you. And the rest as they say is history… LOL

  • gracepmc

    I’m with JL,anybody but China. America under Barack Obama is an unpredictable ally at best.

  • Mad Monica

    Are you guys serious? Do we have an Asian policy? Do we really have ANY policy? I mean, saying one thing one day and another the next.. that is NOT policy. That’s just wishy washy.

    Oh. And spitting on a country behind their back, then trying to pat yourself on the back for all you’ve allegedly “done for them” isn’t policy either. It’s pathetic.

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