Higher Ed Jumps The Shark
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  • Anthony

    WRM, Americans (some) are still searching for markers; now, that’s something to inquire about….

    A few observations: the author posits that the government decided that as many people as possible should have a BA (I missed that mandate but perceived economic dividend for vested interest); secondly, education is a civic good and, mandate or not, our county benefits from a more informed and educated citizenry – author implies purpose of education is job (certainly questionable); thirdly, there is implication in article that university learning = economic apprenticeship (overall market equivalence perhaps overwrought); finally, inferred premise that middle class American lifestyle preferred model and government aspires majority of its citizens to said lifestyle via BA aquisition is certainly hasty generalization.

    Nevtheless, author’s proposal on school loans – dischargeable after 5 years with school obligated for unpaid balance worthy suggestion; equally, recognition that we need people who make things – inference college is not for everyone – similarly worthy as well as highlighting importance of “adaptability.”

  • Will

    I think a lot of higher education bloat reflects failing at other levels of education along with the credential inflation notes above. What hasn’t been taught in K-12 gets passed on to colleges below the highly selective level, and that applies particularly to writing and math. Being middle class in terms of career and social opportunities requires a college degree in something. Both these factors, plus access to funding, push unprepared and fundamentally uninterested young people through a system that has ballooned. How then do we make college less necessary so people can take other options without seeming to embrace downward social mobility.

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