Germany’s “Future Of The EU” Is Club Med’s “Fourth Reich”
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  • Luke Lea

    Besides the ethnic and cultural differences that divide the northern and southern tiers of the EU, that fact that its members speak half a dozen or more mutually incomprehensible languages must have something to do with this crisis.

    Letting states go bankrupt might be the only conceivable mechanism to enforce fiscal discipline on countries like Greece — and punish those northern tier banks that were so foolish as to lend to them. There is blame north and south.

    I wonder how Washington would respond to the bankruptcy of, say, California?

  • Kris

    Different currencies for northern and southern Europe? Inconceivable! After all, if those Americans can have a single currency, then surely we should too! Failing to do so would be, like, so humiliating!

  • carvaka

    may be india is an interesting case study.
    for instance bengalis and gujratis are as different (if not more) as germans and greeks.
    from politics to food habit.

    of course the whole history behind indian union and european union is very different. but i believe that economic integration without political integration has it’s limit.

  • Corlyss

    I want the popcorn concession for this break up.

  • Toni

    “You cannot pass a set of laws that would turn Italians and Greeks into Germans; for one thing, the Greek and Italian genius for ignoring and subverting laws they don’t like would mean that they would find ways to evade and work around the regulations you sought to impose.”

    Prof. Mead captures the hazards and inefficacies of government regulation in a nutshell. Workers and entrepreneurs the world over look at any set of rules they don’t like, and immediately they begin improvising ways to get over and around them.

    Virtue cannot be legislated.

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