US, UK, Israel Prep War Against Iran?
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  • raf

    Or, perhaps, it is being leaked as a credible warning to Iran?

  • Kenny

    “British are gearing up their preparations to go into Iran.”

    This is a joke, right?

    The Brits can’t even protect the streets of London and we’re suppose to believe that they’ll engage in combat with Iran. Ha!

    And for the record, the Brits were more of a hinderence militarily speaking than anything else in Iraq. They were there merely for the political cover they gave to George Bush in his war effort.

  • John Barker

    Does anyone see a connection between withdrawal of troops from Iraq and preparations for war with Iran?

  • Luke Lea

    Let Israel take the lead.

  • Jordan

    “The world now understands that Barack Obama has no problems with killing when he thinks it needs to be done…”

    He just wants to burnish his credentials as Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

  • Micha

    1) Does Israel have the technical capacity to effectively strike Iran’s nuclear program?

    2) Does the US?

    2) Is Israel capable and willing to withstand the retaliation from Iran and possibly Gaza, Lebanon and maybe Syria?

    3) Is the US capable and willing to withstand retaliation against its interests in the Gulf, Afghanistan and other places around the world?

    4) Is the Israeli army capable and willing to react effectively if Iran, the Hamas, the Hizballa and/or Syria attack it in retaliation?

    5) Is the Israeli foreign office capable of withstanding the heavy diplomatic assault following an attack?

    I’d like to think that the answer is yes, regardless of whether an attack is planned. but I’m not sure. If the answer to any of the questions is no then an attack is unlikely.

  • Micha

    I’d like to imagine a scenario in which the Israeli air force strikes perfectly and effectively, and when Iran retaliates, its missiles are easily intercepted by Israelis arrow missiles, and even when not, no Israelis are hurt thanks to effective civil-defense. I’d also like to imagine that when Iran calls on her allies is Lebanon, Gaza and Syria, none of them is willing to risk themselves on behalf of Iran. And if they do, Israel strikes back so quickly and effectively people are reminded of 1967.

    Or alternatively, I’d like to imagine a scenario in which the US leads an effective attack, and its defenses prove a match to any Iranian retaliation that the Iranians quickly give up.

    But it is difficult to imagine such optimistic scenarios.

  • Luke Lea

    And please, dear God, no U.S. troops on the ground!

  • Dr. P. Sword

    The UK armed forces were exceedingly useful in the Iraq/Afghanistan campaigns, you ungracious [person] Kenny.

    Anyway, back to the main point: Iran needs to be taken back to a point in time where their religion fits better: not in the 21st century with high-tech weaponry, but 1600 years in the past, if not the stone-age itself! The best way to achieve that would be to ‘decommission’ our old nukes over their weapons development sites, military and all major population centres, using cruise missiles to take out all roads and bridges etc. Any survivors must stay there. No one should survive. Better dead than to exist under the tyranny of Islam! We’d be doing them a favour!

  • Mrs. Davis

    Just looked at the globe again to be sure. And I gotta wonder why, in articles like this, the Big Winner in a raid on Iran never gets mentioned. Saudi Arabia. Because there’s no raids of the volume necessary without Saudi or Turkish airspace and probably bases.

  • Eddie F.

    Prof. Mead — thank you for making this post. I am increasingly convinced that the general public is suffering from a serious failure of imagination on the Iran issue. It may seem “unthinkable” that the U.S. might coordinate an attack on the Iranian nuclear program, but all indicators suggest that it is even more unthinkable that Pres. Obama would allow Iran to go nuclear under his watch.

    As for the argument that these leaks (and recent military exercises) may be part of a public pressure campaign, I think that this is possible, but the public is misunderstanding what the aim of such a strategy would be. It would not, as some suggest, aim to push the United States into upping its pressure on Iran — the U.S., it appears, is already of the same mind as the Israelis regarding the nature of the threat and the necessity of a serious response. On the contrary, if this is a public information campaign, it is almost certainly aimed at Europe, Russia, and China, who have been (to varying degrees) reluctant on sanctions hitherto, but desperately want to avoid a conflagration in the Gulf. If the forthcoming IAEA report is as dramatic as advertised, the Iran issue could come to a head much more rapidly than most people want to believe.

  • 36 Signals

    Kenny you need to stop spouting your mouth about things you clearly have no understanding of, if for no other reason out of respect for the hundreds of British troops that have been killed serving in Iraq and Afganistan, you have just insulted the memory of each one of them.

  • we dont need a other war is wrong and if let the israel country attack iran not the us come on man. it will live this country with no money and will be a lots of dead pepole .

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