Israel Makes No Waves With Latest Flotilla
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  • Geoff M

    Also of note is that this flotilla carried exactly aid. Such humanitarians, surely motivated by Palestinian “suffering.”

  • Richard F. Miller

    Dr. Mead, do not forget the efforts of Israeli “lawfare” in keeping the Greek harbored flotilla “at bay.”

    Mastering lawfare coupled with smooth handling at sea will eventually sap the flotilla movement of its usefulness as anti-Israel propaganda. At that point, it dies.

  • lee tabin

    You call those thugs who attacked Israeli soldiers with knives and clubs, “activists?”

    And don’t kid yourself. If the Western democracy named Israel was made up of anyone but Jews the Arabs would have been brought to heel a long time ago.

    And don’t kid yourself about something else. The Jews wont go quietly this time. They have the military power to destroy Iran’s capacity to make war in a few hours, and will if they have to. LT

  • Luke Lea

    Public relations are important. Israel got this one right second time around, but still has some lessons to learn in connection with its settlements policies.

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