Settled Science: Climate Change Acquitted in Early Extinctions?
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  • Jeremy, Alabama

    I thought Jared Diamond cleared this all up in Guns, Germs and Steel. When humans arrived in N America, they were fully developed, deadly efficient hunters. This is in contrast with Africa, where humans evolved and learned their trade, and African fauna learned to be afraid in enough time to avoid extermination.

    I think Diamond is a committed warmist, so it would be interesting to see if he has retracted his theory.

  • seanmom

    Anyone doubt this will be buried by the mainstream media?

    And, this just caught my eye:

    “I am on balance glad that there are no predatory birds with twelve foot wingspans circling the playgrounds of North America today….”

    Dr. Who fan, by chance?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Global warming is [bunk].
    The Humano-centric ecology is Mother Nature’s finest creation. And any species which finds is way into the symbiotic Humano-centric ecology is guaranteed protection from extinction. The Humano-centric ecology now contains thousands of species, everything from apples to oranges, dogs to cats, birds to bees, bacteria to yeast, fish to fowl, fruits to vegetables, and the list is constantly growing. But if you listen to the Enviro Misanthropes, mankind is a cancer befouling mother earth, nothing is further from the truth.

  • David

    It is important to note that the extinction of North American megafauna is probably due to a combination of climate change combined with a new human presence. The end of the last Ice Age led to a significant change in rainfall and surface water, driving mammals to an ever shrinking number of watering holes, where they became easy pickings for human hunters. At the same time, the late paleontologist Paul Martin had suggested that human arrival in Pacific islands was also accompanied by localized extinction events, but this was centuries after the end of the ice age, so we can pin this one on man.

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