What Can't Kill You in Australia?
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  • dearieme

    When we went to live in Oz we were very aware of their venomous creatures. A sense of proportion was restored by a newspaper article referring to “killer European wasps”.

  • Andrew Allison

    Much as I hate to criticize Prof. Mead’s wonderful tongue-in-cheek prose, to which I look forward eagerly every day, “Australia’s perilously long list of things that will try to kill you just got longer . . .” is a bit of a crock (sorry!). The only members of the line-up that will actually try to kill you are crocs and, by mistake, sharks (an average of about one fatality per year apiece). The mind boggles at the thought of a plant having homicidal intent, as it does at that for one of Australia’s deserts. These and the other suspects require the assistance of suicidal victims to do the job.

  • Eric Roche

    Regretfully another US tourist was eaten yesterday whilst swimming, by a great white off Rottnest Island in WA.

    On the other hand speaking of exchange rates we’ve given the world three currencies: the emu (dromaius novaehollandiae), the euro (macropus robustus erubescens) and, recently, the redback (latrodectus hasselti).

  • Toni

    Bill Bryson is most amusing about Oz’s hazards (and much else) in “In a Sunburned Country.”

  • Soul

    Figure someday I’ll make it to the mysterious and deadly Oz for a visit. Figure any country where the majority live with in 20 miles of the beach are my kind of people.

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