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  • Anthony

    “A college education is no longer a guarantee against joblessness, and a system that cannot offer a future to the young coming out of school is in deep trouble” – perhaps one of motivating factors behind OWS; evidence to me of possible economic link between Tea party dissatisfaction and worry and OWS sense of economic insecurity/ estrangement. Are we witnessing dynamic configuration before our own eyes?

  • Corlyss

    “California raised $9.1 billion by selling infrastructure bonds for projects ranging from highway development to conservation to housing development – but Sacramento is just sitting on the cash. No one seems to know why the money isn’t being used.”

    As the supply sgt. explained to Hawkeye and Trapper why he wouldn’t let them have an incubator so they could culture specimens, even though he had 3 in stock: “If I let you have one, then I’ll only have two.”

    If Sacramento spent the money, then they wouldn’t have it to offset their monstrous debt.

  • Luke Lea

    Good going, staff!

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